Come to Your Senses!

By Sister Jeanne Cmolik

Put away your prayer book!

Back away from your Bible!

Come to your senses!

Child of the universe, God is speaking to you through your body and through all creation. All is gift. Listen! Watch! Pay attention! Pray with all that you are!

God says, “Remove your sandals from your feet. You’re standing on holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5)

Look again, and see if you can!

Creator God, use my eyes and feast on the sunrise, the faces of little children, hazy mountains and blue oceans. Marvel at the brilliant green of springtime, the dazzling white of fresh snow, the red and orange of autumn leaves.


Taste and see the goodness of the Lord!

Creator God, enjoy your creation through me. Taste the creamy coolness of ice cream. Smack your lips over a hot dog with the works! Savor this sweet apple I picked from the tree—it’s called “golden delicious”—don’t you think that’s a good name for it?


Are you out of touch?

Creator God, can you feel the wind caressing you? Hold my hand as we walk along the beach and dig our toes in the sand. Sit by the fire with us and warm up after your winter walk.


Do you hear what I hear?

Creator God, do you hear what I hear? Do you hear the chirping of the birds greeting the morning? Sit on the porch with me and listen to the children shouting and laughing, playing baseball in the street on this summer evening. I think music is more lovely when one hears it under the stars. What about you?


Wake up and smell the roses!

Creator God, thank you for noses! Can you smell the scent of roses carried on a gentle summer breeze? Come and smell the freshness of the garden after the rain. Dad is grilling hamburgers for supper and the delicious smell makes my stomach growl. Please stay and eat with us.


Come to your senses! Pray with all that you are!

Walk this world amazed, full of wonder and gratitude.
Say to God,
Thank you for your creation.
Use my eyes and my ears to savor what you have made.
Show me your face hidden in all beauty.
Remind me that wherever I walk, I am on holy ground.



About the Author

Sister Jeanne Cmolik is a spiritual director, works with new members of the Congregation, and coordinates RCIA at St. Christopher Church in Rocky River, Ohio. She enjoys reading, cooking, walking in the park, and eating ice cream.


25 thoughts on “Come to Your Senses!

  1. Sallie Latkovich says:

    Your BEAUTIFUL prayer/reflection was a wonderful reminder of God’s goodness in the midst of my work these days. Thanks, Jeanne.


  2. Frankie Dutil says:

    Jeanne, your reflection is right up my alley. I love nature and praying outdoors. Thanks for reminding me to continue to pray with all of my senses.


  3. MAry Anne Woodward says:

    Wonderful, Sis! You have the ability to but many of my thoughts into words. I thank the Lord for you each day. Love ya! MAW


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