From One Heart to Another

By Sister Carol Crepeau

A blog, according to my understanding, is a public piece of personal expression, streaming on social media on a regular basis. Today it’s my turn to blog – out of habit.

I don’t know about you, but, if I had to describe my thoughts and feelings over these past three or four weeks the literary form called Stream of Consciousness is an apt vehicle.

So here goes…


According to the calendar this is the time of the year when we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Yet, there are hardly any symbols of this day around. It seems like stores and public places skipped it, and it’s Christmas all over the place. What happened to Advent? Maybe life is saying we should go right to Lent and ponder Jesus’ words, “… you will be with me in Paradise”.


Speaking of paradise, it’s in ashes. Ashes and heroism of the first responders and searching and tears is what I experience… Really … Realities that were not part of my psyche are now burned there – the slaughter of line dancers and a heartbeat away from Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill – O God, the synagogue … the innocents – Rachel weeping for her children.


In Lombard, Illinois and in La Grange Park Illinois I held hands with other Christians, Muslims and Jews and wept with the scores who are newly weeping and old weeping from Sandy Hook to Yemen… Why all of these guns?

And the elections, still counting, so many new voters, renewed voters, new faces in Congress, new hope …

I could go on and on: praying and blogging makes me so aware and profoundly grateful for freedom of speech and freedom to gather – this is what I am thankful for at this time of the year … and you?


About the Author

Sr. Carol photo edited
Sister Carol Crepeau, CSJ,  ministers as a facilitator and leader of group dynamics for non-profits. Guiding the annual Congregation of St Joseph Pilgrimage to LePuy and Lyon, France is one of the most wonderful activities of her life. She also enjoys a good book and gathering with friends for prayer and conversation.

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