The Circle of Love

By Sister Carol Crepeau

Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love

These days in the Christian calendar are the octave of Pentecost. The Church celebrates the coming of God’s spirit, God’s energy to the apostles and disciples who up until Pentecost were cowering in a safe room. Just in case …


This Blog isn’t a theological treatise on the meaning of Pentecost but rather a real life example of God’s spirit, energy, infused into a group of Sisters living in the Chicago area.

God’s energy is transmitted in many ways – through word, through nature, through song through ideas, through connection.

For me and for some others, one of the most tangible Pentecost experiences happens on the last Saturday of each month at 9:30 in the morning…

In the Archdiocese of Chicago there are many communities of Women Religious. We come from many different cultures, have different missions, different occupations and, yes, wear different clothing – some of us wearing distinctive dress and some dressing American.

Just as on the first Pentecost differences in speech and culture disappeared, so too on these Saturday mornings we are all simply Chicago Catholic Nuns.


We stand in a circle on a street corner in a neighborhood in Chicago, pray, and hopefully witness peace and unity. We go to a different neighborhood and a different corner each month. A particular corner is chosen because a “sister” or “brother” was murdered on that corner during the month.

Sometimes cars pass by and inquire what we are doing. Sometimes neighbors join us or just walk by. Sometimes we are the complete circle. We pray, naming each person who has been murdered in our dear city during the month, and we bless the neighborhood with our presence and our prayer to our healing God.

This circle of Sisters calls us each month to

Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love

Won’t you join us in your own circle of love?

Picture from Jackie's Facebook

About the Author

Sr. Carol photo editedSister Carol Crepeau, CSJ, ministers as a facilitator and leader of group dynamics for non-profits. Guiding the annual Congregation of St Joseph Pilgrimage to LePuy and Lyon, France is one of the most wonderful activities of her life. She also enjoys a good book and gathering with friends for prayer and conversation.

27 thoughts on “The Circle of Love

  1. Betsy Meagher, CSJ says:

    wonderful message and action, Carol. Thanks for sharing. Always a need to reverence and mourn the things that happen every day.


  2. Mary Schaefer says:

    What a wonderful witness to solidarity, compassion and witness to the reality that people DO CARE. Thank you for doing this. Mary Schaefer


  3. What an extraordinary witness! Thanks for sharing your Spirit-filled Presence with these beautiful neighborhoods who need and seek the peace and unity you witness.


  4. Janet Daniels Frischmon says:

    Thank you Carol and sisters, for such a wonderful Witness of care for others. May you keep sharing your gifts. Janet Daniels Frischmon


  5. Flo Christinao says:

    You literally “Walk The Talk!” Thank you Carol, for reminding us to witness God’s Presence in the world, us. We are One, in-deed..


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